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Missouri woman falls asleep at the wheel, suspected of DWI

Most every driver has experienced fatigue and drowsiness while behind the wheel. Often, even people who are relatively well-rested can feel their eyelids start to droop while driving. Despite the relatively common nature of drowsy drivers, one Missouri woman now faces accusations of DWI after she allegedly fell asleep while driving.

Drunk driving suspected in fatal offroading crash in Missouri

An accident that results in a fatality is always a tragedy. Unfortunately, some accidents can not only result in grieving friends and family but also in criminal charges. In fact, a family is Missouri is now grieving the death of an 11-year-old while a man is accused of drunk driving in the accident that allegedly resulted in her death.

Fatal Bobcat accident leads to DWI charge in Missouri

The death of a friend or family member is, in itself, a devastating event with which to deal. Being accused of playing a role in that person's death can be even more difficult. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri is now facing a DWI charge following an incident that left a young man dead.

Fatal Missouri crash leads to felony DWI charge

Depending on the area where a person lives, a person may spend a significant amount of time driving. Because it is such a common activity for many in Missouri, it may be easy to take for granted the potential for an accident that can cause significant damage, even if its cause was due to a mistaken turn. Unfortunately, police can easily interpret a mistake that caused an accident as a sign of intoxication, resulting in an accusation of DWI.

Missouri man accused of DUI following wife's death

When a person's spouse dies, he or she is often left to cope with the devastating news. When the surviving spouse is accused of playing a role in the death, the emotions can easily be overwhelming, potentially inhibiting a person's ability to make rational decisions. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri may now be in this position after he was charged with DUI and other crimes following his wife's death.

DWI charges filed against woman in head-on collision

Missouri police recently arrested a woman who they say caused a fatal, head-on collision. She was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the accident and is now facing DWI charges. This is apparently not her first drunk driving related offense, which could potentially effect her current criminal charges.

Missouri teen injured in alleged drunk driving accident

Car accidents can happen for a variety of different reasons. While sometimes it is a simple oversight or the result of poor judgment, police officers in Missouri and across the country may be quick to assume that alcohol was involved, especially if the driver involved is young and has a previous arrest on his or her record. Unfortunately, a young man was recently accused of drunk driving after a car accident.

Drunk driving suspected in fatal Missouri crash

Most drivers in Missouri and across the country have realized that a turn was steeper than expected, and their speed may be too fast. While drivers are typically able to adjust their speed with relatively few consequences, some may ultimately be involved in a crash. In fact, one man now faces multiple charges, including accusations of drunk driving, after his vehicle reportedly crashed on an exit ramp, resulting in the death of three children.

DWI charge follows Missouri motor vehicle collision

It is somewhat amazing to think that the only thing that protects drivers from oncoming traffic on some Missouri roads is relatively thin lines of paint. Any driver can accidentally cross over that line into oncoming traffic for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, police claim that alcohol was a factor in a recent motor vehicle accident that resulted in a DWI charge.

Man injured in Missouri accident accused of DWI

Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Unfortunately, those driving late at night who may be experiencing fatigue may be especially at risk of being involved in an accident. However, a person's behavior following a crash caused by a simple mistake could easily be misinterpreted by law enforcement officials who may already be primed to assume the worst. In fact, it is unclear what evidence supports claims that a driver who was recently injured in a Missouri car accident was driving while intoxicated, or DWI.


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